International Association

Ukrainian Center for Land and Resources Management

ULRMC mission -

Creation of systems of management of information with geographical anchor (geospatial) in various fields and development of geographical information systems (GIS) based on data from state registers, statistics, data of remote sensing of the Earth (DZZ), etc., as well as by means of spatial analysis, modeling and presentation of information.

We provide services -


Creating Remote Sensing (GIS) and Geo-Information Systems (GIS) Applications


Development of large information systems based on geospatial data


Preparation of planning documentation for territorial development using the SMART specialization methodology


Organization and monitoring of the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals for territorial communities


Inventory of Land and Real Estate and Infrastructure with SBS and Space Snapshots

The purpose of our activity


of scientific and economic
activities of participants


of data obtained through the use of Earth remote sensing technologies and geographical information systems


in attracting foreign investments and grants to Ukraine, incl. technical and humanitarian assistance

Our experience

During the years of its activity, the Association has implemented about 15 national and international projects

ULRMC members were part of the Working Group on Geospatial Information and Cadastre under the Commission on the elaboration and comprehensive resolution of state policy issues in the field of rational use and protection of land at the National Security and Defense Council (2006-2008).

ULRMC participants participated in the preparation of the technical assistance program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland “Wsparcie dla budowy podstaw Narodowej Infrastruktury Informacji Geoprzestrzennej Ukrainy” (2009).

ULRMC members represented the State Space Agency of Ukraine in the Working Party on Information Systems and Services (WGISS) of the Earth Observation Satellites Committee (CEOS) (1997-2004) and in the Global Earth Observation Program (GEOSS) (2002 2004 years)

Since 2005 ULRMC has been providing information processing and provisioning services that use computer systems to support the work of SKE system consultants in North America.

Since 2008, ULRMC founders have been members of the Interstate Working Group on Geospatial Information of the Ukrainian-Polish Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation.

Our experts


Chairman of the Board

Expert on territorial development. Expert on the development and implementation of SMART specialization in Ukraine.



Expert on creation of geospatial information infrastructure.

Iryna shatalova


External Communication Expert.

Our partners


    • Development of a landslide hazard map in the country / GIS layer for Ukraine within the framework of the Program of Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Man-made and Natural Disasters in the ENPI Eastern Region (2013-2014)


    • Project of the National Institute for Strategic Studies “Geoinformation Support for Strategic Transformations and European Integration Processes in Ukraine” (2011)


    • Monitoring the impact of mineral resource exploitation (FP7 Framework Program for Research and Technological Development, 2010-2013)


    • JRC EC project “INSPIRE and Ukrainian SDI” (2009)


    • FP7 project “Classification of the European biomass potential for bioenergy using terrestrial and terrestrial observations” (CEUBIOM) (2008-2010)


    • Project of the State Committee for Crimea of ​​the Autonomous Republic of Crimea “Provision of inventory of lands of the Southern coast of Crimea” (2005-2006)


    • ESA-IAF Grant “Monitoring Forestry Ecosystems in Northern Eurasia with Differential Resolution Carbon Accounting EAs” of the GMES Network with Russia and Ukraine (2004-2005)


    • UNDP-GEF project to create an electronic version of the Dnieper Basin Environmental Report (2003-2004)


    • Creation of an electronic GIS-based version of the Environmental Status Report of Ukraine for the 5th European Environment for Europe Conference (2003)


    • GEOSS Program: Global Earth Observation System (2002-2004)
      NSAU Project “Creation of the Ukrainian Aerospace Observation Network” (UMAX) (2002-2004)


    • NSAU Projects on the Scientific and Applied Use of Sensing Data (1997-1999)


    • Research within the INTAS-Ukraine project “Improvement of the river basin surveillance system aimed at improving the quality of water quality control using the Southern Bug River Basin” (1996-2000)


    • Environmental Management Program for the Dnieper River Basin (International Development Center Research Grant (IDRC, Canada), 1995-1996, 1998-2000)


Our Contacts

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    Creative Quarter, Gulliver BC, Tower B, 1a Sports Square, Kyiv
  • Address for correspondence:
    Mala Zhytomyrska st., 16/3, office 4, Kyiv, 01001
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